Ben McGregor

Clark Candidates

Ben McGregor, Labor’s candidate for Clark, is a social worker and mental health clinician working for the children’s mental health service in Hobart. He lives in Lenah Valley with his wife, Jess, and their two young daughters.

Ben grew up in a single parent family for most of his life, living with his mother and younger brother. While Ben’s mother struggled to provide for the family on her sole receptionist’s income, she decided to put herself through university to become a teacher, all while working full time and raising her two children.

Ben’s childhood taught him that hard work and education are fundamental to improving your life. Having grown up with little money, Ben recognises that free education and health care enabled him and his family to grow and thrive despite economic hardship.

When Ben was 19, his view of the world shifted significantly after two cousins died by suicide within a very short period of time. Their deaths affected him greatly. After going through a period of low mood, and questioning himself, he changed his course of study from engineering to social work – a decision he made because he wanted to make a real difference in people’s lives and aim to reduce the impacts of mental ill health.

The loss of two people close to him also ignited an interest in politics and a desire to impact policy makers. He joined the Australian Labor Party and has been a member since.

Ben started working as a school social worker and has since worked in a range of positions with the state government and other organisations, always focusing on working with young people. He is now the Senior Social Worker for the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service in Hobart, a position he has held for the past six years. Here, Ben works with young people and their families to create better outcomes for them within the wider system of supports, such as Education and Health.

Working in the Tasmanian health system, Ben has seen the health crisis escalate and knows all too well how it has impacted our community.

Ben wants to see significant improvement in health, housing and education within the broader Hobart area. That’s why he is running for Clark.

Ben will represent the needs of Clark inside the government, ensuring our needs are not only heard but acted upon.