Carol Brown


Carol’s driving principle is the pursuit of equality and fairness. Her passion and commitment to see all people treated with equity, tolerance and respect is driven by her life experiences and these strong values.

She has been a lifelong advocate for equality and fairness and proud representative of Tasmanian since joining the Senate in 2005.

Her involvement with the Labor movement began at an early age when she joined the party at the age of 20 determined to fight for the core values of greater equality, equal access to employment, education, health and other community services.

Carol is passionate about empowering women, improving the way we care for older Australians, providing equal opportunities for all in our community regardless of their background, promoting initiatives that lead to a more inclusive society and fighting against discrimination. She has been a strong advocate for many years for marriage equality, women’s reproductive health and worker’s rights.

Carol currently serves as the Shadow Minister for Disability and Carers. Carol lives in Hobart with her partner Kamall and their daughter and son.