Darren Clark

Lyons Candidates

Lyons is my home. Having lived here for my whole life I know what it’s like to grow up in our regions. My family is from Maydena and my brothers and sisters went to Glenora school. After a short time in Goodwood we moved to Triabunna, where I grew up.

My parents taught me the value of hard work from a young age. My dad was a log truck driver and my Mum worked in hospitality. They were working people who fought hard to make ends meet.

After leaving Triabunna High I worked in pubs. I then worked in a print factory for 7 years while helping raise my daughter. I eventually became the State President of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union.

This is where I developed my passion for helping workers and their families.

Six years on my wife Danielle and I ran a small business in Swansea, this was a demanding part of my working life. Anyone in small business needs a medal, it’s long hard hours for little reward. It taught me how important small businesses are for our local community. For five years we battled, even going through a fire that destroyed the building and starting from scratch.

My family now calls Bagdad home and we love it, great views, fresh air and a strong community spirit.

I was the CEO of the Police and Community Youth Clubs (PCYC), this was a great honour and rewarding job. I helped grow the Association’s finance, and was successful in starting ‘Project Booyah,’ a program that helps kids get back into school or work, after winning a successful Federal grant for 1 million dollars. My proudest achievement was setting up the Derwent Valley PCYC in New Norfolk meaning hundreds of at risk kids can now get the help they need.

I’m running in this election because Lyons needs action.

For too long city based Liberals have left our communities behind. Their cuts to health care and education mean our families are worse off and our kids feel like there is no hope for the future.

Only Labor will stand up for working class families and I will fight every day to ensure Lyons gets its fair share in Parliament:

  1. I will fight to fix our regional health system and make sure Lyons communities get a fair go.
  2. I will stand up for more regional police officers and properly fund programs for a risk youth; and
  3. I will fight for more public housing and fix the Tasmanian housing crisis.

The system is broken and I’m running to fix it. Only Rebecca White and our Labor team will stand up for working class families. It’s time to put people first.

I’m running an old fashioned grassroots campaign. I’m sick and tired of career politicians making promises they can’t keep. I’m doorknocking, calling and talking to as many people as possible over the next month and bringing politics back to the people.

Lyons needs action and only myself and the Labor team will put people first.