Kylie Wright

Lyons Candidates

From Kylie Wright:

Better access to preventative health services, mental health services, and specialists is very important in regional areas. Labor are fighting hard for the reinstatement of our regional health and support services.

I live on the East Coast, in St Helens and I am a currently a Councillor in the Break O’Day Council. I am honored to have been selected by Labor as a candidate in Lyons for the next Tasmanian state election. 

I have been involved in community and volunteering work for many years, and spent 3 consecutive years as President of our local Rotary club in St Helens. I am also on the Hospital Committee and volunteer at the Tip shop to raise funds for the Hospital. As well as numerous other volunteer and community activities.

I am a strong advocate for social justice and have a strong sense of community. I intend to represent all, including the average Tasmanian – working people, pensioners, the unemployed and those with disabilities. I know first hand what its like to struggle, having grown up in a working class family and raised two sons while working. My parents were not educated people, my father was a smart man even though he left school in grade 7 to help his mother raise his siblings. He always taught me to fight for the underdog, respect people for their differences, and as Rebecca White also learned from her father – “feed the animals before you feed yourself”. The current government has to stop punishing the battlers, and start making the top end of town do some of the lifting. 

I am passionate about this beautiful environment in which we are so lucky to live and believe we need to have a common sense approach to tourism and development in our region, so as to promote our area and provide jobs while preserving what we all love. I currently work in the employment sector and my experience has been that the overwhelming majority of unemployed people are genuinely seeking work. It’s time to re-think employment opportunities and build sustainable secure jobs. There is very little work available in our regional areas and too many people are underemployed. We need greater access to quality training courses, with higher likelihood of employment outcomes. 

Under the leadership of Rebecca White, we will win back majority Labor Government. Tasmanian Labor is “Putting People First”.

I am hoping you will support me in my efforts to both protect and improve the state in which we live, while striving to also work hard to help the battlers in our great state.

I want to know what is important to you.  Please contact me on Facebook at “Kylie Wright – Labor for Lyons” or email me at, and share your views and concerns with me.