Madeleine Ogilvie

Denison Member of Parliament

Madeleine Ogilvie has what it takes to become your new Member of Parliament.  Experience, qualifications and results.

That is why the Ogilvie Plan will help Tasmania be a leader not a follower.

A married, working Mum with three children, Madeleine has proved herself in her career and in her community leadership roles.

A qualified lawyer, with her own business, she founded the Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (Tas), working for refugees. The Ogilvie plan will help to re-open Pontville, creating local jobs based on assisting those who need it.

She has also worked in the telecommunications and technology industry at a senior level. Good experience for what Tasmania needs; smart jobs suited to an island state. That is why the Ogilvie Plan is so strong about making sure our schools are more technology based.

Madeleine is a leader in community organizations especially those groups that help build our unique Tasmanian life-style. She is Vice President of the Southern Football League which is setting new records for attendances and community involvement, especially of young people. Next, a Tasmanian team in the AFL, boosting tourism and state pride.

She gets results for her city, helping to deliver the award winning Glenorchy Arts and Sculpture Gardens, beautifying community assets. So when she says no to road closures or tolls or chair lifts across the face of Mt Wellington, she means it.

Madeleine has brought experience and respect to her roles on the Ovarian Cancer Foundation and her Deputy Chairing of the Tasmanian Council of Professional Bodies.