Owen Powell

Bass Candidates

Owen was born in Scottsdale and grew up on a dairy farm at the base of the Sideling Range. Like a lot of local kids, he went to Scottsdale High, and then onto Launceston College. He had the opportunity to go to university, and studied a range of subjects including botany, philosophy, geography and history.

After a stint volunteering and teaching English at a university in Palestine in his early 20s, he was granted a scholarship to continue his education and undertook a PhD in the University of Queensland. His research focused on environmental changes in outback Queensland, and later he did research in the oases of Western Egypt. Living in Cairo and travelling in the Middle East gave him a keen sense of the importance of political engagement, robust democratic structures and the huge resources we have here in Tasmania.

In 2014, he returned to the state, where he now lives with his Irish partner Grace. He loves Tasmania, and feels lucky to be back here, running the family farm that he grew up on.

Owen is standing as a candidate in the upcoming state elections, because he knows he’s been fortunate to have the opportunities in life to study and travel, and wants to share the experience and skills he’s gained with the community that he grew up in. He is deeply committed to developing policy that serves people first, and his background in science equips him with the skills to understand and analyse decisions that affect our communities.

Owen wants to see resilient communities where people thrive, not communities hammered by welfare cuts, unemployment and cuts to services.

He wants to represent a Labor party team that builds a fairer, more sustainable future for Tasmania, and makes the most of the amazing resources we have on this little island.