Scott Bacon

Clark Member of Parliament

Effective political leadership relies on meaningful community engagement.

I believe in a model of politics that is inclusive, meets the community where they are at and involves people in decision making processes.

I went to school at Campbell Street Primary, Cosgrove High and Elizabeth College, before attending the University of Tasmania and completing a degree in Economics before working for the Commonwealth Bank, Perpetual Trustees, the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and for the Department of Treasury and Finance.

It is through living, studying and working in this community that I have developed an understanding of the extraordinary depth and strength of people who also live in and around Hobart and Glenorchy.

My aim is to open the political door to everyone.  Political processes are made richer through diversity and the more people who are involved, the stronger our democracy becomes.

I was first elected to parliament in 2010 and was subsequently appointed as Parliamentary Secretary for Treasury.

I welcome the opportunity to meet with all community members who want to see improved democracy through a community model of politics.