Zelinda Sherlock

Denison Candidates

From Zelinda Sherlock:

I was born in Fiji and moved to Tassie with my family in the mid 80s, when I was 8 years old. I attended Mt. Stuart Primary school, Sacred Heart College and graduated from UTAS with a combined Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) and Law degree. I have a Masters in Teaching and lived in Japan for many years, and I am currently a PhD Pathway student. I want to raise my kids in Tassie because it is a great place for children and families.

I graduated from UTAS with a Bachelor of Arts/Law. I have a Master of Teaching and am currently a PhD candidate. The three main areas that I would like to advocate for change are:

1. Drug and addiction rehabilitation services
2. Mental health and wellbeing programs
3. Education that fosters life-long learning and support for our teachers.

I am a strong supporter of Labor values and principles. My motivation to enter politics is fueled by my passion for Human Rights, education, equality, social justice issues, multiculturalism and mental health. With equality as the key driving force, if elected, I will be a fresh voice, with fresh eyes for all Tasmanians; capable, qualified and experienced in the issues that impact upon Tasmanians, across the spectrum. Education is the key to opening-up so many doors, inclusion is crucial to advancement and development and mental stability is vital to personal progression; these variables are tools to creating and maintaining a foundation from which innovation of the Tasmanian community can flourish.

Life requires balance; a treasured way of living during these trying times, one that is available in this beautiful state of Tasmania, but an imbalance is still evident. Lifting all Tasmanians, because of the growth experienced in the State is a much-needed balance, a balance we should strive to provide for all the people within it. So far, I have learnt from my background, my experiences, my life decisions that it is imperative that all members of our society are adequately educated, provided opportunities to develop skills and cultivate a culture that supports everyone, in order to reach this balance.