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Peter Gutwein: Tasmanians want detail on poker machine deal before election day

 Scott Bacon MP 
Shadow Treasurer

Treasurer Peter Gutwein must come clean on the Liberals’ poker machine deal before election day.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said the Premier was embarrassingly exposed at last night People’s Forum in Hobart.

“It is clear to anyone who has watched last night’s debate that Will Hodgman doesn’t understand the basics of his own policy,” Mr Bacon said.

“Peter Gutwein needs to clean up Will Hodgman’s mess .

“He must explain the value of the poker machine licences the Liberals are giving away and the amount of money the Liberals are being paid for the policy.

“Will Hodgman last night admitted that the gaming industry is funding his campaign. It’s time the Liberals came clean and revealed how much they have poured in.

“We’ve seen an unprecedented advertising campaign and Tasmanians deserve to know who’s paying for it.

“The Premier also tied himself in knots trying to explain why he’s giving away the licences to run poker machines.

“Will Hodgman had no idea how his policy actually works. He confused a tax return to government with the value of the licences themselves.

“Peter Gutwein needs to today explain whether he received advice from Treasury about how much the licenses are worth and why he’s prepared to gift them to companies like Woolworths and Federal Group.

“Two years ago the Treasurer was going to effectively auction the value of the machines off by putting them out to tender.

“Now, as rivers of gold flow into the Liberal Party campaign fund, he’s giving them away.

“With two days until the election, it’s time Peter Gutwein came clean with Tasmanians.”