Phasing Out Poker Machines: What Does It Mean For Clubs?

Labor’s Policy

Labor will phase out all poker machines from pubs and clubs in Tasmania by July 2023.

Labor will help venues that choose to remove poker machines prior to July 2023 with a package up to $50 million which includes direct venue support, employee support, community support and business development advice.

A separate $5 million Club Sustainability Fund will ensure clubs get extra support beyond 2023.

What Does It Mean for Clubs?

Labor recognises the important role that clubs play in communities. Clubs are different from pubs or hotels because they are not-for-profit organisations that rely on volunteer boards to manage their operations and they usually provide a service to community, such as an RSL.

Over the years many clubs have moved away from poker machines, either because they were uneconomical or because clubs made a deliberate decision to improve the health of their communities and got rid of them.

Labor will not require clubs with poker machines to make any changes to their operation before July 2023, unless the club voluntarily chooses to surrender their poker machines earlier. This gives plenty of time to work intensively with clubs that have poker machines to help them transition. Labor will ensure that each of the seven clubs with poker machines will have access to a small business expert who can work with the club manager and board to help prepare for a change in business model.

Beyond 2023 these 7 clubs will have access to a $5 million Club Sustainability Fund.

This safety net will ensure that these clubs can continue to provide services and support to their communities once poker machines are phased out.

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