Phasing Out Poker Machines: What Does It Mean For Health?

Labor’s Policy

Labor will phase out all poker machines from pubs and clubs in Tasmania by July 2023.

Labor will help venues that choose to remove poker machines prior to July 2023 with a package up to $50 million which includes direct venue support, employee support and community support.

A separate $5 million Club Sustainability Fund will ensure clubs get extra support beyond 2023.

What Does It Mean for Health?

Gambling addiction is a health issue.

The Productivity Commission found: “the harms from problem gambling include suicide, depression, relationship breakdown, lowered work productivity, job loss, bankruptcy and crime.”

The 2011 Social and Economic Impact Study found 57.8% of problem gamblers had seriously considered suicide and 13.6% had attempted it.

The same study into gambling estimated the social costs of problem gambling at between $50 million and $144 million a year. That is a cost that is shared by each and every Tasmanian.

Reducing problem gambling will improve the health of Tasmanians, their families and their communities.

It will free up money that is currently spent treating the costs of addiction to be used in other areas.

Removing poker machines from pubs and clubs is a public health initiative.

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