Phasing Out Poker Machines: What Does It Mean For Jobs?

Labor’s Policy

Labor will phase out all poker machines from pubs and clubs in Tasmania by July 2023.

Labor will help venues that choose to remove poker machines prior to July 2023 with a package up to $50 million which includes direct venue support, employee support and community support.

A separate $5 million Club Sustainability Fund will ensure clubs get extra support beyond 2023.

What Does It Mean for Jobs?

Labor’s policy has been guided by two principles – looking after vulnerable Tasmanians and supporting working people.

Respected economist John Mangan has modelled that removing poker machines from pubs and clubs will create between 183 and 546 additional full time jobs across the economy.

However, we understand that our policy will mean changes for staff in venues that currently rely on the revenue from poker machines.

We are providing five years for these venues to transition to new business models – including financial support for venues that want to remove poker machines before 2023.

Labor will provide a package up to $50 million for pubs and clubs with poker machines to help them surrender all their machines by 2023. This package will include a training and professional development program for affected employees if they need it.

All employees from affected venues will be able to access support through this program from 2018 by contacting the Department of Economic and Regional Development.

In addition, a $5 million Clubs Sustainability Fund will ensure clubs with poker machines get additional support beyond 2023.

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