Phasing Out Poker Machines: What Does It Mean For Pubs?

Labor’s Policy

Labor will phase out poker machines from pubs and clubs in Tasmania by July 2023.

Labor will help venues that choose to remove poker machines prior to July 2023 with a package up to $50 million which includes direct venue support, employee support and community support.

A separate $5 million Club Sustainability Fund will ensure clubs get extra support beyond 2023.

What Does It Mean for Pubs?

There are around 90 pubs with poker machines in Tasmania. The vast majority of hospitality venues without poker machines will either be unaffected or receive positive benefits as a result of more money flowing through the local economy.

Labor will not require pubs with poker machines to make any changes to their operation before July 2023, unless the pub voluntarily chooses to remove their poker machines earlier.

Labor will also establish an Expert Reference Group to administer a package up to $50 million for venues who want to voluntarily surrender their poker machines before July 2023 including business development advice.

The Expert Reference Group will assess applications for transition funding and make a determination about what level of funding will be provided based on criteria including:

  • whether the venue is in a rural or regional area.
  • the density of poker machines in the local government area the venue operates in.
  • the turnover of the venue.
  • whether the venue is a Club.
  • whether the venue is a small, owner- operated business.

The date of application, with a higher weighting provided for venues that   choose to remove poker machines early.

The transition fund will assist venues make decisions about changes to their business model that may need to be made including; energy efficiency measures (eg. solar panels, lighting, heating/cooling) venue alterations (eg. dining, live music) website development and marketing.

Venues that choose not to remove poker machines from their venue prior to July 2023 will be ineligible for any assistance.

Importantly all employees will be provided retraining and professional development in recognition of the fact that people’s roles and responsibilities may change as businesses transition to new models.

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