Phasing Out Poker Machines: What Does It Mean For Small Business?

Labor’s Policy

Labor will phase out poker machines from pubs and clubs in Tasmania by July 2023.

Labor will help venues that choose to remove poker machines prior to July 2023 with a package up to $50 million, which includes direct venue support, employee support and community support.

A separate $5 million Club Sustainability Fund will ensure clubs get extra support beyond 2023.

What Does It Mean for Small Business?

Removing poker machines from pubs and clubs will have a positive impact on small business.

Last year Tasmanians lost $110 million on poker machines in pubs and clubs.

Respected economist John Mangan has modelled what would happen if that money was spent in other parts of the economy including retail, butchers and grocers.

He conservatively estimated that even if only half that money was spent elsewhere in the economy it would create an additional 183 jobs, add $21 million to annual Gross State Product and $11 million in wages, profits and dividends.

Labor thinks there is compelling evidence that the money lost on poker machines in pubs and clubs. would be better spent supporting jobs and economic activity in the broader community.

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