ALP Policy Platform

The Australian Labor Party Tasmanian Branch State Platform is a constantly evolving statement of principles and policies, underpinned by enduring Labor values.

The existing State Platform, most recently updated at the 2013 State Conference sets out the policy framework Tasmanian Labor took to the March 2014 state election.

The current platform has six chapters. These are (click through to read more):

Tasmanian Labor has resolved to rewrite our platform under seven new headings;

  • Labor Values
  • Strong Responsible Government
  • Maximising Tasmania’s Resources
  • Growing Tasmania’s Economy
  • Educating for Tasmania’s Future
  • Caring for Tasmanians
  • Valuing our Environment and Cultural Heritage

This new platform is being developed by Tasmanian Labor’s Platform Committees. These committees consist of rank and file party members, who meet regularly throughout the year. Any ALP member is welcome to join a Platform Committee and the committees also invite stakeholders to address their meeting.

State Labor Leader Rebecca White is opening up Labor’s policy development process to the wider community. The Tasmanian community is invited to make submissions to the development of the new platform. Submissions can be made by clicking here.

Public submissions are highly valued and will be referred to the relevant platform committee.

Labor’s policy development process will continue to evolve with the complete platform in place at our 2017 State Conference.

I encourage all members and supporters to help directly shape the future policy direction of our party and to continue to contribute to the State Platform in the future.

Stuart Benson
State Secretary

Download our full policy platform