What We Stand For

Tasmanian Labor is committed to providing a positive and innovative alternative government for Tasmania.

Tasmania deserves a Government that values everyone in the community equally and stands up for Tasmanians who are doing it tough. Labor is committed to putting forward a plan for Tasmania that puts people first and sets a clear vision for Tasmania’s future.

Labor’s vision for Tasmania focused on the core areas of jobs, education, health, innovation, tourism, public transport and equality.

Labor is committed to creating Tasmanian jobs now and jobs for the future.

Labor will fix water and sewerage in Tasmania for good.

We’re focused on developing Tasmania’s renewable energy industry through our Target 500 initiative. 

We’re committed to a long term Passenger Transport Strategy to make passenger transport a smarter option for all Tasmanians.

We know prevention is the best medicine so that’s why it’s at the heart of our long term strategy to create a healthy Tasmania.

We have a long term strategy for regional tourism.

And we’ll make Tasmania the Education State.

Those are just some of our policies designed to put people first.