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Premier remains silent on child protection drama

  • Premier fails to address child protection mess
  • Will Hodgman hasn’t commented on the allegations or his Minister’s performance

 Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said it’s time for Premier Will Hodgman to address the mess in child protection.

“We have heard nothing from the Premier on both the serious allegations raised by foster carers and the handing of the issue by his Minister,” Mr Bacon said.

“Throughout the week in Parliament, Jacquie Petrusma’s version of events changed multiple times but she continues to hold onto the support of the Premier.

“Political experts have argued that it’s the Minister’s strategic electoral position rather than her performance that is keeping her in the role.

“It’s typical of the Premier to go missing when his government faces significant challenges.

“We heard nothing from Will Hodgman during the energy crisis, he’s silent when it comes to the enormous pressure on our hospital system and now he’s missing on child protection.”