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Premier has serious questions to answer over tender scandal

  • Hodgman’s story doesn’t add up                           
  • When was the Premier first made aware of the tender scandal?   
  • When did Minister Matthew Groom become involved?
  • Why didn’t the Government disclose the Integrity Commission and police investigations?  

The Premier has serious questions to answer over the tender process scandal that forced a senior public servant to resign.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said it’s completely implausible that Will Hodgman did not learn about the circumstances around Peter Mooney’s departure until yesterday.

“How can the Premier possibly expect Tasmanians to believe he didn’t know about a scandal that was referred to both the police and the integrity commission?”

“Does Will Hodgman stand by his statement that he only found out about the scandal after the ABC launched an investigation?

“Minister Matthew Groom must have been aware of the circumstances surrounding Peter Mooney’s departure, did he brief the Premier? Was the matter raised in cabinet?

“The Premier’s story simply doesn’t add up, and given his government’s culture of secrecy and cover-ups it can’t be believed.

“It’s clear the Government didn’t want the story to come out because it casts a cloud over the history of tender processes run by the department.”