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Premier’s political response ignores gravity of the health crisis

  • Premier ignores evidence on health to play politics      
  • Will Hodgman urged to involve himself in the hospital crisis 
  • Submissions from senior staff deserved a better response      

Premier Will Hodgman has demonstrated an appalling lack of empathy and compassion in response to harrowing first-hand accounts of the crisis in our health system.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said the Premier was ignoring evidence from front line staff in our hospital system.

“The Premier is either ignorant of the extent of the health crisis or he is in complete denial,” Ms White said.

“In an angry performance, the Premier was more focused on Labor governments of the past than his own Government’s response to the health crisis.

“The situation at the Royal Hobart Hospital is so bad that an incident command team has been established.

“Nursing staff have said the situation has never been this bad.

“The Royal has been escalated to level four meaning staff are under enormous strain.

“We asked serious health questions of the Premier over the last two days to ascertain if he is prepared to take control of this situation.

“Unfortunately his responses have indicated that he’s not actively involved in any decisions aimed at addressing the crisis.”