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Prime Minister again snubs Launceston’s water and sewerage challenge

  • Disappointing lack of action from the Federal Government on water and sewerage  
  • Prime Minister again fails to match Labor’s commitment to Launceston
  • Only Labor has a strategy to fix the problem

The Prime Minister’s visit to Launceston has been a major disappointment in terms of investing in water and sewerage infrastructure.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said it’s clear the Federal Government isn’t serious about fixing the Tamar River’s environmental challenges.

“The Liberals snubbed Launceston’s water and sewerage requirements during the last election campaign and now they’ve done it again,” Mr Bacon said.

“At the very least the Prime Minister should have matched the $75 million that Bill Shorten committed to fixing the storm water problem in Launceston.

“Labor has a strategy* to complete the significant water and sewerage project by partnering with industry superannuation funds.

“It means we could get this crucial work done now to allow for economic and environmental benefits.

“Unfortunately neither the Hodgman Government or Turnbull Government seem interested in addressing the problem.

“Today’s announcement is completely underwhelming.”

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