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Proper strategies needed to tackle Southern Outlet traffic

  • No plan to address Davey and Macquarie bottleneck
  • Neither Minister Rockliff or Premier Hodgman back in announcement
  • Government has no plan for impact of population growth

Adding a fifth lane to the Southern Outlet must be supported by proper traffic and bus network strategies or it will not solve the issues facing motorists, Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport David O’Byrne said.

“The Liberals sat on this report for more than a year before rushing it out the door as an election announcement,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“What network solutions have been discussed with Metro Tasmania?  Will there be extra funding for more bus stops or subsidised travel?  The state of bus stops in Kingborough and the Huon Valley is a disgrace, and no one is taking responsibility for it.”

Mr O’Byrne said it was curious that the Infrastructure Minister was not announcing the policy.

“Today we saw on the front page of the Mercury a major announcement on traffic for residents south of Hobart but today there’s also no sign of the Minister,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“Is that because he knows this announcement won’t address the major issue facing traffic from south of Hobart – the Davey and Macquarie Street bottleneck with the Southern Outlet.

“Where is the Premier?  Franklin is his electorate and he is ashamed to show his face in it.

“Four years ago, this government introduced a population growth strategy to grow the population.

“It did so with no regard for housing and no regard for infrastructure.

“Because of this, we are seeing people living in tents and the worst traffic congestion Tasmanian has ever seen.

“This Government has no plan for infrastructure.

“In its last term in office, Labor invested in the infrastructure priorities that Kingborough and Huon Valley needed, particularly through the Kingston Bypass project and the bus lane at the northern end of the southern outlet.

“The Hodgman Government is more interested in pork barrelling to save their political skins that investing based on need.”