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Racing industry another victim of broken budget?

  • Who will benefit from the new racing tax?
  • Archer and Gutwein don’t know or won’t say

Peter Gutwein and Elise Archer need to come clean on who will benefit from the new ‘point of consumption’ tax.

Shadow Minister for Racing David O’Byrne said the racing industry is an important part of Tasmania’s economic and social fabric.

“Tasmania’s racing industry is struggling to keep pace with other states and needs funding certainty.

“Without its fair share of revenue from the new tax, thousands of jobs in the industry could be placed at risk. Tapping into that revenue would provide welcome relief for the industry and an economic stimulus for the state.

“Despite the ‘point of consumption’ tax coming into effect in just four weeks, Elise Archer could not say today how the revenue will be used.”

Mr O’Byrne said Elise Archer didn’t attend the most recent ministerial council meeting of racing minister, didn’t even speak on the ‘point of consumption’ legislation in parliament, and is clearly dismissive of industry’s concerns.

“Industry projections show the tax would generate in excess of $11 million in extra revenue each year.  

“The racing industry can’t afford to have this revenue swallowed up to fix the Liberals broken budget.

“Peter Gutwein can’t turn his back on the industry. He needs to explain to Tasmanians how he intends to spend this windfall.”

David O’Byrne
Shadow Minister for Racing