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Rene Hidding spinning like Shane Warne on crime stats

  • Police Minister pats himself on the back after crime goes up
  • Tasmanians can see through the Liberals’ “tough on crime” spin

The Liberal Government’s “tough on crime” spin has reached new levels.

When crime goes down they pat themselves on the back* and when crime goes up they do the same*.

Shadow Minister for Police David Llewellyn said the Liberals can’t have it both ways.

“Last year when crime went down the Liberals took the credit, now crime has gone back up they are spinning furiously,” Mr Llewellyn said.

“The Government is claiming crime has gone up because more crime is being reported and detected.

“Tasmanians are smart enough to see through the Government’s “tough on crime” spin.

“Only Rene Hidding would try and get a pat on the back for crime going up.

“Labor strongly commends the work of Tasmania Police but they shouldn’t be constantly used by the Government to score political points.”

*When crime goes down: These figures are a testament to the great work that Tasmanian Police do every day in the community, and I commend them for their commitment in keeping Tasmanians safe. (Police Minister Rene Hidding – August 27, 2016)

*When crime goes up: More police will inevitably mean more crime being detected and able to be reported and acted upon…” (Police Minister Rene Hidding – August 12, 2017)