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Right wing’s dominance of Liberal Party again exposed

  • Liberal Party breached its Constitution in Prosser preselection
  • Liberal Party expelled former MLC Tony Mulder from the Party
  • Extreme Right Wing operatives taking out moderate candidates


The dominant conservative wing of the Liberal Party has flexed its muscle again by expelling lifetime Liberal Party member and former Parliamentarian, Tony Mulder.

Mr Mulder’s extraordinary outburst has laid bare the internal divisions of the Liberal Party.


“The grass roots are being completely disempowered by Abbott’s dominated State Executive.”

“Brad Stansfield – who is an Abetz man – he has now disappeared into some back office at Cormann’s office and I’ll think you’ll find that his job is to run around the countryside and to make sure the next Federal PLP is stacked with harsh right wing conservatives rather than moderate Liberals.”

–              Tony Mulder, Friday Forum/Mornings with Leon Compton 6 July 2018


“Mr Mulder has made it clear that despite Premier Hodgman’s personal popularity, it is still Tony Abbott and Eric Abetz pulling the strings,” Shadow Health Minister Sarah Lovell said

“Premier Hodgman is captive to the extreme right wing and that’s why his government is so badly out of touch when it comes to issues like accessing terminations in the public hospital system.

“The outburst this morning is extremely concerning at a time when Mr Hodgman is failing to stand up for Tasmania on GST.

“What threats are being made to Mr Hodgman and his leadership if he does not accept the dud GST deal?

“Mr Hodgman has inexplicably walked about from the unity ticket both the Liberals and Labor have always held that we would never support any change to the GST distribution system.  Mr Hodgman has walked away from that arrangement.

“According to Mr Mulder, Mr Hodgman’s former Chief of Staff Mr Stansfield is now based in Federal Finance Minister Matthias Cormann’s office in a role that is entirely focused on the eradication of moderates from the Liberal Party.

“It’s common knowledge that Mr Stansfield is spending a lot of time hot-desking with Senator Jonno Duniam, obviously running a black ops operation to take out moderates.

“Senator Duniam has already been in hot water this year after respected Liberal Party member Sally Chandler accused him of branch stacking.

“If the Liberal Party has breached its own constitution to avoid a messy preselection battle in Prosser then it says a lot about how bitterly divided the party is.  There may be questions asked about what the repercussions are for the Executive Branch of the Liberal Party breaching its own Constitution.”