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Righting a past wrong

  • Apology for injustice done to people criminalised for their sexuality
  • Hopes that apology goes some way to repairing damage done in past
  • Labor proud to stand in Parliament to right a historical wrong

Labor Leader Rebecca White, on behalf of the Tasmanian Labor Party, joined with the Premier today in offering an apology for the terrible injustices done to people criminalised for their sexuality.

“It is a matter of great shame that within our lifetimes people were being arrested because of their sexuality,” Ms White said.

“It is shocking to reflect on a time, not that long ago, when society systematically and unjustly marginalised and discriminated against LGBTQI people.

“I only hope that the apology, and the Bill to expunge charges and convictions against members of the LGBTQI community, goes some way to repairing the damage done by past injustices.

“Labor members are proud to be able to stand in Parliament and help to right this historical wrong.”

Shadow Attorney-General Lara Giddings said today was a day for healing, celebration and relief.

“It is also a day when people can hold their head up high knowing that once their record is expunged, they never again have to refer to a criminal record when asked on a visa application or vulnerable persons check form or any other relevant documentation,” Ms Giddings said.

“They no longer have to fear been rejected from a job or not been able to visit a country because of their criminal past.

“Today is an historic day – a day when we try to right the wrongs of the past for our gay, bisexual and transgender community.”