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Sarah Courtney must act urgently on scathing RHH report

  • More than 70 junior doctors sign a scathing review of RHH working conditions
  • Junior health care workers leaving the state in unprecedented numbers
  • Sarah Courtney and Will Hodgman must act urgently

Sarah Courtney and Will Hodgman must act urgently to address serious failings in the public health system following a scathing critique of safety and working conditions at the Royal Hobart Hospital from junior doctors.

The report comes following an attack on a senior clinician who was sacked for speaking out on the state of Tasmania’s health system. The critique has been signed by 70 junior doctors and be delivered to the Tasmanian Health Service on Monday with demands that must be met within a week.

Shadow Health Minister, Sarah Lovell, said Tasmania’s health system continues to go from bad to worse under the Liberals watch.

“What we are hearing is that medical staff are being completely exhausted by a system with inadequate resources, toxic work culture, and lacklustre training opportunities,” Ms Lovell said.  

“The letter has stated that an unprecedented number of junior doctors are leaving Tasmania to find better work conditions elsewhere. This will have a dire effect on Tasmania’s health system.

“These are healthcare workers that want to do the best for patients but are restricted by a Government that is failing to provide them with the basic resources they need to do their jobs properly, let alone the opportunities they need to thrive. 

“This week we’ve already seen a senior clinician at the RHH sacked for speaking out on the state of Tasmania’s health system, but Will Hodgman and Sarah Courtney can’t keep pointing the finger at health sector workers.

“It’s time for Will Hodgman and Sarah Courtney to take responsibility for the crisis in Tasmania’s health system and act on the recommendations outlined in the letter from junior doctors to the Tasmanian Health Service.”

Sarah Lovell MLC
Shadow Health Minister