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Schools must close now

  • Labor again calls for closure of schools
  • Mixed messages must stop
  • Every hour of delay puts lives at risk

Labor has again called on the Tasmanian Government to close schools.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said every day the government delays this decision lives are being put at risk.

“The Government also needs to remember that it’s not just children in those classrooms but it is teachers and support staff too,” Ms White said.

“There are still three weeks left of the term and every day schools remain open the government is putting lives at risk and sending mixed messages to the community.

“We are being told to live our lives 1.5 metres apart, but our children’s crowded school classrooms and playgrounds are somehow an exception.

“For the sake of all Tasmanians, it’s time for the mixed messages to stop. Everyone should stay at home unless they are required to deliver an essential service – and that includes our school children.

“We urge the Liberals to act now and not wait for Canberra to tell them what to do. In other Australian states and territories and across the world schools have closed already.

“No one underestimates the magnitude of the decisions that must be taken, or the impact they have had on the lives of Tasmanians.

“For every argument that is raised for why schools can’t close we can work together to find solutions, in the same way over a hundred other countries have.

“I have told Peter Gutwein that Labor will support any measure taken to protect the health of Tasmanians, but that we would hold him accountable if action was not taken quickly enough – shutting schools is an action that is not being taken quickly enough.

“No government has regretted taking decisive action early, but they have regretted not acting when they had the chance – it’s time for schools to close now.”