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Secrecy, lack of transparency rampant under Liberal Government

  • Government’s appalling record makes Tasmania country’s secret state
  • Gutwein must do more than meet with Ombudsman
  • Time for veil of secrecy to be lifted and transparency to be priority

Premier Peter Gutwein must do more than commit to meet with the Ombudsman and clean up his government’s atrocious lack of transparency after being comprehensively exposed as the most secretive Premier in the nation.

Shadow Attorney-General Ella Haddad said Ombudsman Richard Connock’s annual report had confirmed what Tasmanians had come to understand over the past seven years – that the Liberal Government routinely disregards Right To Information laws and refuses to release information.

“This government’s flippant disregard for the legal Right To Information process is now  beyond embarrassing – it’s a national disgrace,” Ms Haddad said.

“Peter Gutwein has transformed Tasmania into the nation’s secret state.

“Mr Connock’s report confirms the Liberals simply disregard the law and ignore the Tasmanian public’s fundamental right to government information.

“The hallmark of this government is to hide information and in doing that, they have created an unacceptable culture of secrecy.

“Thirty per cent of decisions refuse to release any information and nearly 100 per cent of those that were appealed were overturned on review to the Ombudsman.

“The intent of the Right To Information Act is to proactively release as much information as possible.

“But this government has a reflex action to hide.

“That’s not only undemocratic, it’s deeply deceptive and under-handed.

“Peter Gutwein and his government have been completely exposed and it’s time for the Premier to clean up his act.”

Ella Haddad MP    
Shadow Attorney General