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Senior Liberals have serious questions to answer over cable car revelations

  • How can the Premier say he was “not aware” of such a significant approval   
  • Is Will Hodgman lying or was he kept in the dark?

Either the Premier is lying when he said he didn’t know about approvals given for work on the cable car or there’s a massive breakdown between the two most senior ministers in the Liberal Government.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said it’s clear the Liberals didn’t want this information getting out before the election.

“The cable car is a hot issue and allowing drilling and other work on the mountain is a significant development,” Mr Bacon said.

“The Government would have been aware of the huge public interest in this decision but tried to bury it.

“For Will Hodgman to say he was “not aware” defies belief.

“Did the Treasurer really not tell the Premier that he’d just given the green light for drilling on Mount Wellington?

“Either Will Hodgman knew and he lied today or there’s a massive breakdown at the top of the Liberal Government.”