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Which side is Tasmania’s Education Minister on over raw funding deal?

  • Other states united on opposition to Turnbull’s raw education deal
  • Rockliff the only Education Minister in the country to welcome education cuts
  • Minister needs to confirm he will fight for Tasmania’s fair share

Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff needs to pick a side after his counterparts in every other state united against the Federal Government’s brutal cuts to education funding.

Shadow Education Minister Michelle O’Byrne said Ministers from each state are united in their opposition to the Turnbull Government’s new school funding model after meeting in South Australia yesterday.

“Jeremy Rockliff was very quick to negligently accept the Turnbull Government’s rip off for Tasmanian schools and students when it was announced earlier this month and he was a lone voice among Australian Education Ministers,” Ms O’Byrne said.

“He blindly welcomed this new deal which delivers $22 billion less than the original Gonski agreement to schools across the country.

“But now that his colleagues from other states have agreed they are united to fight for their schools and have said the Turnbull deal is simply not good enough, Mr Rockliff needs to pick a side.

“Does he still stand by his acceptance of a raw deal for Tasmania?

“Does he agree with his counterparts that the Federal Government is slashing education funding to an unacceptable degree?

“Is he now prepared to fight for our fair share and is he on the same side as his Liberal colleagues in New South Wales who are so incensed they are considering legal action?

“Tasmanians deserve much better than a Government that is not prepared to fight for the best possible deal and an Education Minister who is happy to accept second best.”