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Storm clouds gather over Will Hodgman

  • The Premier and Environment Minister would have been told about Mount Wellington approval  
  • Peter Gutwein would have been obliged to tell his southern colleagues

It is completely inconceivable that both the Premier and Environment Minister were not aware of the Peter Gutwein’s decision to allow drilling and surveying on Mount Wellington.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon says Labor does not believe the Premier when he says he was “not aware” of the approval.

“It’s simply not believable that the State Growth Minister would sign off on drilling and surveying on Mount Wellington without informing his cabinet colleagues.

“No one believes that a State Growth Minister from Launceston would make a decision like this about kunyanyi / Mount Wellington without telling the Premier and the Environment Minister from Denison.

“The Premier is also the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Tourism, it’s inconceivable that he wasn’t told about this decision.

“Will Hodgman and Elise Archer would have known exactly what the Minister was giving approval for.

“Even if Peter Gutwein was prepared to ignore proper process, Liberal Party politics guarantee the Premier and Environment Minister would have been told.

“And when did Hobart Lord Mayor and Denison Liberal candidate Sue Hickey first become aware of the drilling approval?

“The whole thing stinks and the Premier’s denials are not believable.”