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Strong support for Reconciliation Council of Tasmania

  • Labor extends its support for the Reconciliation Council of Tasmania   
  • We all must work together to advance reconciliation

Labor welcomes the formation of the Reconciliation Council of Tasmania and congratulates Bill Lawson and his team for making it a reality.

Labor Leader Rebecca White attended today’s launch.

“The establishment of the Reconciliation Council of Tasmania is another step towards acknowledging past injustices and present-day inequalities,” Ms White said.

“We must work together to advance reconciliation in our homes, schools, sporting fields, workplaces, communities, and institutions.

“And I commit my team to doing the same in every area of our engagement in the community and in our responsibilities in Parliament.

“I want to see Tasmania lead the nation when it comes to reconciliation.

“And I’m confident together we can work to close the gap, reduce inequality and advance reconciliation.