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Support for TSL welcome but AFL must outline path to the big time

  • Findings should have included pathway to a Tasmanian club
  • AFL should not ignore its role in current state of Tassie footy
  • AFL should be straight with Tasmania about our status

Shadow Minister for Sport David O’Byrne has welcomed support for the TSL and elite junior pathways in the AFL’s steering committee outcomes but has raised concerns about the lack of a pathway for Tasmania to have its own club.

“Labor welcomes the support for the TSL and elite junior male and female pathways,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“It is disappointing that the findings do not include a pathway to a Tasmanian club to call our own.

“We have no pathway to the AFL while committing to an uncertain future in the VFL – a league with serious questions about its future.

“The AFL continues to ignore its role in the current state of footy in Tasmania – for the AFL to say that it’s up to Tassie to prove ourselves is offensively disingenuous.

“The fact remains that if the AFL wanted us to have a team, we would have a team, they just need to be straight with us.”