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Suspension from school should remain the last resort

  • Rockliff needs to step in and intervene on Sorell School policy
  • School’s policy is a cry for help to the Hodgman Government on resourcing

The Hodgman Liberal Government and Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff need to intervene in the hardline suspension policy that has been implemented at Sorell School.

Shadow Education Minister Josh Willie said the school’s policy of suspending students who were just five minutes late for class was a step too far and was also in breach of the Education Act.

“I’m calling on Minister Rockliff to step in and intervene because this is not the right way to change behaviour,” Mr Willie said.

“Minister Rockliff needs to provide more resources to the school to change student behaviour and he should do that immediately.

“Suspension should be a last resort and today the Minister needs to make clear whether he supports the current behaviour management policy at Sorell School because it is in breach of the Education Act and it is in breach of the Departmental Secretary’s Instructions.

“The Education Act is clear suspension should be a last resort

“But I think this is a scream for help from a school that is struggling with school culture, student attitudes and the need for more resources to drive change.

“Suspending students is not the way to do that.

“Behaviour management policies need to be consulted with the School Association and the student body – that’s also made clear in the Act – and there are questions about whether that has happened in this instance.”

Josh Willie MLC
Shadow Education Minister