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Tasmanian workers must come first

  • More than 1200 Tasmanian building and constructions workers have lost jobs
  • Gutwein must explain why local workers continue to lose out to -mainlanders
  • Interstate workers jeopardise Tasmanian jobs and safety

Interstate workers continue to be given essential worker status on Tasmanian construction projects when there are locals who could do the job.

Shadow Minister for Building and Construction, Jen Butler, said the government has some serious explaining to do.

“More than 1200 Tasmanian building and construction workers have lost their jobs since the pandemic began – it is unacceptable that local workers are losing out to mainlanders,” Ms Butler said.

“The government has a responsibility to do whatever it takes to keep as many Tasmanian workers employed as possible.

Ms Butler said it is not just Tasmanian workers who are losing out to mainlanders.

“For the government to provide exemptions for interstate workers to fly into the state during a pandemic is not only a slap in the face to Tasmanian workers capable of doing those jobs but to all those who have had to sacrifice their personal liberties throughout the pandemic.

“We also know building and constructions workers continue to be flown to Tasmania from Victoria – so this isn’t just about equity and fairness, it’s about a health risk.

“The Premier must explain why workers continue to be being flown into Tasmanian sites at the expense of locals who need work.

“With the government promising infrastructure investment as a way out of this crisis, there must be a Tasmania-first focus in the awarding of tenders and contracts and priority must be given to employing Tasmanians.”

Jen Butler MP
Shadow Minister for Building and Construction