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Tasmanians deserve the truth about disability support services

  • Government not ready for NDIS transition
  • Liberals more interested in delivering $450 million budget cuts
  • Jaensch must provide answers

Disability Services Minister, Roger Jaensch, must explain what he is doing to advocate for all Tasmanian’s living with a disability following his attendance at a Disability Reform Council meeting in Sydney today.

The Disability Reform Council provides a forum to progress key national reform in disability policy, including the NDIS.

Shadow Minister for Disabilities, Jo Siejka, said Mr Jaensch must explain how all people with a disability will have their needs met by a State Government more interested in delivering $450 million budget cuts than looking after Tasmanians. 

“The Morrison Government ripped $4.6 billion out of the NDIS and Tasmanian’s deserve to know how many of the 10,600 Tasmanians eligible for the NDIS are currently being supported by the program,” Ms Siejka said.

“Tasmanians also deserve to know how 90,000 Tasmanians living with a disability – but who are not eligible for the NDIS – will have their needs met by the State Government which is more interested in delivering $450 million budget cuts than looking after Tasmanians.

“For many people their only option for support is to rely on services funded by the Tasmanian Government. Yet already we’ve seen the Government make cuts to the Passenger Transport Subsidy Scheme, which means Tasmanians with a disability will no longer be able to depend on the state’s taxis for transport.

“It is currently not clear how many Tasmanians are continuing to suffer without adequate supports, which is not good enough.

“The Government is not ready for the transition to the NDIS and it is Tasmanian advocacy organisations and the people they represent who will suffer.

“While the Hodgman Government has failed to prepare itself for the NDIS transition, Labor knows that more people trained in disability services sectors will mean more qualified staff and more jobs, resulting in more Tasmanians getting the level of care they need. That is why Labor will provide free TAFE courses across disability services sectors as part of our free TAFE policy.

“Roger Jaensch must now step up and provide the solutions Tasmanians deserve.”

Jo Siejka MLC
Shadow Minister for Disabilities