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Tasmanians sick of waiting for traffic action

  • Southern commuters need Liberals to start taking action
  • Hands-off Government leaves it to others to do hard yards
  • Nothing happening with dreamt up Liberal election promises

The Government’s record on Hobart’s congestion is five years of laziness, inaction and abject failure, Shadow Minister for Infrastructure David O’Byrne said.

“With 87 per cent of people saying traffic is getting worse under the Liberals, nothing is happening to make traffic run more smoothly,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“Hobart is growing quickly and the community deserves a Government who’ll step up to plate and actually do something.

“Southern commuters stuck in traffic are sick of words – they want action or at the very least a plan that they can see. They want to be home to their families sooner or getting on with their work rather than sitting in gridlock.

“The Government should not be leaving it up to the RACT to do the hard yards on traffic. It is typical of the Liberals’ hands-off approach.

“The sum total of Minister Rockliff’s infrastructure agenda is taking two roads off Hobart City Council’s hands coupled with unfunded thought bubbles.

“There have been no developments on the Government’s dreamt-up promises for a fifth lane to Kingston and an underground bus mall.”


David O’Byrne MP
Shadow Minister for Infrastructure