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TasWater chairman blasts Treasurer Peter Gutwein

  • Miles Hampton calls out Peter Gutwein over his dishonesty  
  • Treasurer fails to raise water and sewerage concerns in nine meetings with TasWater  
  • Chairman warns of massive additional interest costs

TasWater Chairman Miles Hampton has completely undermined the Government’s water and sewerage policy with a scathing assessment of Treasurer Peter Gutwein.

Shadow Minister for Local Government Madeleine Ogilvie said Mr Hampton launched an extraordinary attack on live radio.

“Miles Hampton had a clear message for Peter Gutwein,” Ms Ogilvie.

“Clearly fed up with the way his organisation has been treated by the Liberal Government, Mr Hampton laid out the facts.

“Nine times Mr Gutwein and Mr Hampton have met and “not ever, not once” did the Treasurer raise the progress of tackling ageing infrastructure.

“This is a deeply damaging statement in light of the Treasurer’s claim that water and sewerage has been on the Government’s radar.

“It’s pure politics from the Liberals. Picking a fight with local government to give the false impression of action, seems to be Mr Gutwin’s default position. We’ve seen him do it too many times for it to be coincidental.

“TasWater says that on the current programme of works the problems with boiled water alerts will be fixed in 18 months. I would invite the Minister to release his engineers report together with the supporting business plan, that shows he can deliver faster result. Until then we are dealing with a confected fight designed to trigger a takeover.

“And the Chairman has warned that the Treasurer’s plan could result of additional interest costs of $50 million each year.

“Miles Hampton said TasWater feels “ambushed” by the Hodgman Government.

“He’s taken Peter Gutwein on, armed with the facts, and has left the Treasurer’s credibility in tatters.

“The pugnacious Minister needs to start listening.”