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The real story on Peter Gutwein’s health cuts

  • Liberals still proceeding with $50 million in health cuts
  • Government just putting a band-aid on past cuts
  • How many new beds, staff will new money buy?

Yet another Liberal health promise is unravelling, just days after it was announced.

Peter Gutwein tried to distract attention from the $1.4 billion debt disaster revealed in the Revised Estimates Report with a commitment to more health funding.

Shadow Minister for Health Sarah Lovell said the community wouldn’t be tricked by the Liberals’ spin.

“We know that despite his claims of extra funding, Peter Gutwein is still cutting almost $50 million out of Tasmania’s broken health system,” Ms Lovell said.

“He said yesterday that the funding he announced on Tuesday was new money.  So he should be able to detail the benefits Tasmanians will see.

“How many new beds will be opened?

“How many new staff – doctors, nurses, midwives, orderlies, allied health professionals, mental health workers – will be hired thanks to the Premier’s desperate announcement?

“What we really know is that this announcement was just the government putting money back in that they have already cut.

“If that’s untrue, we would welcome answers to our questions from the suddenly supposedly compassionate Premier.

“While he’s at it, perhaps he can tell Tasmanians when K-block will be open.

“The health system is broken, and the Liberals have no plan to fix it.”

Sarah Lovell
Shadow Minister for Health