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Treasurer’s confidence takes a big hit

  • Business confidence lowest in Australia
  • Treasurer’s arrogance shown up by independent analysis
  • Liberals can’t name a single significant piece of economic reform
Business confidence in Tasmania has taken a slide as the Liberals here and in Canberra descend into chaos, infighting and policy uncertainty.
The Hodgman Government’s boasting about business confidence has been shown up as hollow, arrogant rhetoric by the August NAB Monthly Business Survey, Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon MP said.
“The Treasurer was full of self-adulation about business confidence earlier this year,” Mr Bacon said.
“Tasmania has now fallen from having the highest business confidence in Australia, to the lowest, in only three months. 
“The NAB Survey confirms what Labor has been saying for months, that the Government has no significant economic reform to point to.  Not only has the Government not achieved an economic reform in four years, it has no economic plan at all.
“Businesses know policy cowardice when they see it.
“Even with a low Australian dollar and strong international economic factors, business can see that this Government goes from scandal to scandal and has created instability over Tasmania’s GST share and the National Energy Guarantee.
“The Premier and his likely-successor’s golden age is starting to look like a cheap knock-off.”
LINK:  NAB Business Confidence Survey (May)
LINK:  NAB Business Confidence Survey (August)
Scott Bacon MP
Shadow Treasurer