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TT-Line must support strong border measures

  • Reports of interstate vehicles still entering the state
  • Reports of TT-Line price gouging for changes to bookings
  • No space until mid-April for people trying to comply with order to exit

Peter Gutwein must intervene to ensure TT-Line works in the best interests of Tasmania and does all it can to keep our borders strong.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said reports of interstate vehicles still entering the state on the Spirit of Tasmania are causing widespread concern.

“We’ve had reports of people from the mainland still travelling on the Spirit of Tasmania, despite the restrictions on entry,” Ms White said.

“As well, those already in the state are facing long delays of up to two weeks to return to the mainland as instructed.

“The closure of caravan parks at 11.59 pm on Sunday means they will have nowhere to stay even though some can’t get their caravan on the Spirit until 15 April.

“What’s more, we’re hearing that those people who are trying to do the right thing are being charged an additional fee when they change their booking to return to the mainland.

“And Tasmanians trying to return home are being charged fees to change their booking.

“In these extraordinary times, TT-Line should be supporting everyone to comply with these restrictions, not price gouging.

“I implore the Premier to direct TT-Line to get people home and help people exit the state without charging them extra to change their booking.

“Our border control needs to be strong right now to protect us all and TT-Line is not holding up its end of the bargain.

“We need to all pull together to deal with this crisis and that includes our government business enterprises.”

Rebecca White
Labor Leader