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Urgent action needed as unemployment worsens

  • Jobs going backwards under Liberals
  • Libs should be fighting for jobs rather than infighting
  • Only Labor has a plan to create jobs

Regional jobs data released today by the ABS highlights Tasmania’s truly alarming jobs slump.

Shadow Treasurer David O’Byrne said Tasmania is going backwards on jobs at a time when we should be seeing recovery.

“Tasmania has lost more jobs than anywhere else in Australia other than locked-down Victoria, and no community has been untouched. All regions are continuing to see jobs lost.

“At a time when we should be seeing jobs increase, as we begin our recovery from COVID, we’re seeing the opposite.

“The government has no jobs plan. They are relying on building their way out of COVID-19, despite having no credibility on delivering infrastructure projects. And infrastructure projects alone will not deliver salvation.

“We know the economy was softening before COVID hit. That should have been a warning sign to this government, but they failed to act.

“Now, the Liberals are consumed by petty infighting at a time they should be fighting to save every single Tasmanian job they can. Their attention is on who gets a photo in a self-congratulatory flyer, at a time when too many Tasmanians can’t get a job.

“Labor has a plan to rebuild a better fairer Tasmania post-COVID. Our Recovery Package is focused on getting people into jobs and helping those hardest hit by the pandemic.

“It’s heartening to see the Premier’s economic and advisory council adopt Labor’s job creating policies, even if the Premier himself continues to ignore them.”

David O’Byrne
Shadow Treasurer