Value Adding Our Mining Resources

Labor has a strong record of supporting the mining industry, particularly through challenging times.

We can’t keep doing things the way we always have and expect the world to stay the same. The smart, efficient and effective use of our natural resources is essential to supporting jobs and future economic growth.

Labor has a plan to support growth in mining.

Maximising Our Mineral Resources

Under the Liberals we have seen 1500 jobs lost in the mining industry, mines have closed and mineral exploration has dried up. Labor has a three point plan to get the mining industry moving again.

Queenstown Special Mining Zone

Labor will work with Mineral Resources Tasmania and Copper Mines of Tasmania to declare a Special Mining Zone over the entire Mt Lyell Mine lease at Queenstown to cut red tape for new exploration and mining activity.

Labor wants to see the mine reopen as quickly as possible to provide jobs and economic activity in Queenstown and the surrounding regions.

The Special Mining Zone would not exempt Copper Mines of Tasmania from complying with standard environmental controls and operating conditions once mining activity commences.

Mobile Case Managers

The Liberal Government’s promise to relocate Mineral Resources Tasmania (MRT) to Burnie has stalled.

Rather than focusing on the physical location of the office, Labor believes that MRT’s services should be highly mobile.

Similar to the model used by Tasmanian Irrigation to manage individual projects from start to finish, Labor would appoint mobile case managers within MRT to guide proponents of new mines through the exploration, planning, approvals and establishment process.

This is not about reducing the necessary checks and balances that exist for new mines, but assisting proponents with advice, support and education to meet those checks and balances.

Case managers will be available to assist proponents wherever they are required, with an emphasis on on-site consultations in regional areas.

Bringing Old Mines Back to Life

Labor will provide a royalty holiday for proposals that involve rehabilitating old mine sites and tailings.

There are already a number of promising projects that involve re-mining old tailing sites, providing an economic return and a benefit to the environment.

We would actively market and promote these projects internationally to attract new investment. Providing a royalty holiday will help make these projects more attractive and fast-track job creation. The level and length of royalty holiday will be determined by the scale of the project and the environmental benefit.


$1,000,000 savings