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Vulnerable children left at risk as government finally releases data

  • Children not being allocated to case workers with required urgency
  • Crisis in child protection system growing
  • Figures also show Jaensch continuing to fail on housing affordability and accessibility

Human Services Minister Roger Jaensch is continuing to fail Tasmanians on dual fronts after finally releasing updated housing and child protection data today.

Shadow Housing and Child Safety Minister Josh Willie said after withholding the quarterly update to the Human Service Dashboard for several weeks, the new data released today shows almost 100 children reported to be at risk were not allocated to a case worker within priority timeframes.

Mr Willie said the housing data shows priority housing applicants were still waiting for more than a year for a roof over their heads.

“Mr Jaensch knows that 97 Tasmanian children who were potentially at risk were not allocated a case worker within an acceptable timeframe,”Mr Willie said.

“Mr Jaensch knows that this is because the Hodgman Liberal Government has not prioritised vulnerable children to such an extent that the system is beyond a crisis point.

“The case of any child reported to be in danger should be a priority of Mr Jaensch and the government but he is not addressing the needs of vulnerable kids or the workers trying to protect them.

“Under this Minister and the Liberals there has been systemic failure after systemic failure and that is because of chronic under-resourcing.”

Mr Willie said Tasmanians requiring priority housing were still being forced to wait an average of 56 weeks.

“It’s a massive failure to expect some of Tasmania’s most vulnerable people to wait more than a year for a roof over their heads.

“The waiting list continues to rise and according to today’s figures, the number of housing applications which resulted in someone actually being housed decreased by just one.

“Mr Jaensch has made extremely lofty promises in relation to the housing crisis which are not reflected in today’s statistics and Tasmanians will be watching very closely to see if he will deliver on his commitments.”


Josh Willie MLC
Shadow Housing Minister
Shadow Child Safety Minister