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What’s the price of justice?

  • Convicted paedophile should be jailed
  • Position of trust abused, young lives destroyed
  • Government must act to ensure sentence is served

Labor has called on the government to ensure that a convicted paedophile is jailed for his crimes.

Shadow Attorney General Ella Haddad said Peter John O’Neill’s victims have been denied justice after suffering the most abominable crimes against them.

“O’Neill worked in a position of trust in schools and grossly misused that position when he sexually abused children and young people.

“That abuse destroyed the lives of those young people, and many have not recovered from it.

“In sentencing, Justice Blow said O’Neill deserved a prison sentence. It is inexcusable that the government has not done all it can to ensure that justice is served.

“If the cost of getting O’Neill back to Tasmania is the barrier to jailing him, this is putting a price on the suffering of his victims.

“The court has done its job. O’Neill has been convicted and sentenced. What’s needed now is for the government to ensure that sentence is served.”

Ella Haddad
Shadow Attorney General