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Who is calling the shots on donation disclosure reform?

  • Premier promised more transparency on donations
  • Review of the Electoral Act ongoing
  • Liberal State Director shuts down reform

The Premier, Will Hodgman, must reveal whether he has broken his promise on donation disclosure reform.

One of the Premier’s first commitments after winning the 2018 election was for greater transparency in political donations.

“We should always look at how we can improve our laws.

“We’ve fought this campaign on the basis of what are national laws and it’s expected that all parties will abide by them.

“But we should not be afraid to look at how we can do things better.”

The Mercury, March 4, 2018

The Department of Justice is currently reviewing the Electoral Act, including state based disclosure rules.

But before the report has even been completed, the State Director of the Liberal Party, Sam McQuestin, has made it clear the Liberal Party does not support any changes.

“….the current disclosure system is working well despite ridiculous conspiracy theories pedalled by our opponents.”

Social media statement, February 1st 2019

The Chair of Labor’s Transparency Committee, Jo Siejka, said Will Hodgman had been overruled again by his party.

“Who is calling the shots here, the Premier or Mr McQuestin?” Ms Siejka said.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that the review of the Electoral Act is an expensive farce.

“The Liberal Party has no intention of improving transparency or accountability.

“Once again, Will Hodgman’s weak leadership and hollow promises are on display for all to see.”


Jo Siejka MLC
Labor member for Pembroke