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Will Hodgman and Scott Morrison’s ‘good chat’ about population growth will put more pressure on essential services

  • Liberals must release plan for better infrastructure and essential services
  • Why isn’t the Premier investing in skills and training?


Will Hodgman and Scott Morrison need to come clean on their plan for population growth in Tasmania.

Labor supports increasing Tasmania’s migrant intake but it must be accompanied with a plan to ensure infrastructure and essential services can support growth.

“Tasmanians are not sharing in our current prosperity when we have a skills shortage and investment in essential services which is not meeting current demand,” Shadow Minister for Skills and Training Anita Dow said.

“Will Hodgman’s latest thought bubble ignores the need for greater targeted investment in skills and training particularly in the regions, for programs for long term unemployed Tasmanians and more apprentice and trainee opportunities to enable Tasmanians to share in this prosperity.

“With a $100 million black hole in the health system, a housing crisis and no firm commitment on the GST, Tasmanians have a right to be concerned.

“The Premier needs to stop focusing on short term soundbites and start explaining how he will tackle the challenge of giving Tasmanians the services they deserve.”

Anita Dow MP
Shadow Minister for Employment, Training and Skills Development