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Will Hodgman fails to deliver on international trade

  • Another economic measure goes backwards under Will Hodgman
  • Jobs at risk in regional Tasmania

Data released today by State Treasury shows international exports continue to go backwards, reinforcing a downward trend that’s persisted for more than a year.

Labor Leader and Shadow Trade Minister Rebecca White said the September figures show exports have declined by 3.13% for the year. The figure is in stark contrast to an 18% increase in national export figures over the same period.

“If Tasmania had grown at the national rate, nearly a billion dollars would have come into the economy, supporting businesses to employ more people and generating more wages to be spent in the community,” Ms White said

“Instead, Tasmania is one of only three states and territories to have exports drop in the last year.

“Tasmania is renowned overseas for our high-quality products, including dairy products, meat, wine, seafood, minerals and timber products.

“We have quality products to market overseas but thanks to Will Hodgman’s inaction, figures have gone backwards putting Tasmanian jobs and businesses at risk.

“The Liberals came into Parliament and said the Premier was taking personal responsibility for taking trade to the next level. He has failed.

“Will Hodgman has no long-term vision for Tasmania’s economy.”

Rebecca White
Labor Leader and Shadow Minister for Trade and Investment