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Will Hodgman must come clean on savage cuts

  • Will Hodgman must reveal true extent of cuts
  • Hodgman, Gutwein, Rockliff and Archer calling the shots
  • Budget razor gang in full swing

Hodgman’s budget razor gang is in full swing with its $450 million slash and burn agenda yet Will Hodgman is still refusing to admit the true extent of its savage cuts.

Shadow Health Minister, Sarah Lovell, said Will Hodgman and his razor gang must tell Tasmanians the truth.

“Despite determined efforts to keep members of the Liberal’s budget razor gang secret, we know that Will Hodgman, Peter Gutwein, Jeremy Rockliff and Elise Archer are calling the shots on where cuts are made,” Ms Lovell said.

“We know that letters have been sent from Treasury to Heads of Agency outlining how much they will need to cut – now and over the next three years.

“Will Hodgman has not denied that the razor gang has directed Ambulance Tasmania to find $5.7 million in cuts this financial year.

“Casual and permanent part-time nursing staff have also been told that their shifts will be cut back from eight hours to six.

“The Hodgman Health Razor Gang has also slashed elective surgeries in Tasmanian hospitals by 15 percent.

“It is clear from speaking with people on the frontline that the impact of these cuts will be crippling.

“Will Hodgman promised to reveal the true extent of his cuts in the first quarter of the financial year but we are now two weeks into September and are still waiting.

“He needs to come clean and tell Tasmanians how he’s going to pay for his Government’s poor financial management.”

Sarah Lovell MLC
Shadow Health Minister