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Will Minister Jaensch pull another swifty and sneak important housing updates out under long weekend cover?

  • Jaensch again late releasing important housing and child protection updates
  • Minister has form releasing last update late and under cover of Easter break
  • Tasmanians want truth and transparency from government – not secrecy and spin

Crucial promised updates to the Liberal Government’s public disclosure of important statistics around housing and child protection are yet to be released.

Shadow Housing and Child Safety Minister Josh Willie said an update to the Human Services Dashboard – which the Hodgman Government undertook to revise each quarter – was due to be delivered but had not materialised.

“We’ve been down this path before with the Housing Minister Mr Jaensch when the December 2017 quarter update was with-held during the election campaign – and then snuck out on Good Friday when the government hoped no-one was watching,” Mr Willie said.

“It was sneaky, devious and unacceptable but possibly understandable of a government firmly dedicated to secrecy since the last figures made available showed waiting times for priority housing applicants under the Liberals had blown out to 63 weeks.

“The extent of the housing crisis is clear to everyone with Tasmanians sleeping rough and living in tents.

“Roger Jaensch just as clearly doesn’t want the extent of homelessness known.

“It’s reasonable to question why this important update – which also includes the numbers of child safety notifications – is being held back and whether Mr Jaensch intends to sneak it out the door over this long weekend when he hopes no one will be watching.

“It’s not good enough for Mr Jaensch to claim he is addressing the housing crisis at the same time he is keeping Tasmanians in the dark.

“It’s not good enough that the hallmark of the Hodgman Government – rampant secrecy and a lack of transparency – routinely extends to information that is required to be in the public domain.

“It’s not good enough that Mr Jaensch and the government are prepared to put saving face, secrecy and political spin ahead of sharing a true picture of what is happening in the state with all Tasmanians.”